What Brokers are the Top Forex Brokers Online Today?

There are plenty of forex brokers online today in the market, giving you a plethora of possible brokers you can choose from in order to find the top forex brokers for your trading career. Finding ways to compare forex brokers and narrow down the considerable list to something more manageable – your true top forex brokers – takes a bit more work.

To help you compare forex brokers and find the right one for you, we will look at five top forex brokers listed below and give you an insight as to what makes them unique – in an effort to help you better compare forex brokers yourself using information you can obtain easily from the internet.

Top Forex Brokers: FXCM

If you want to compare forex brokers to find a trusted, reliable broker, then FXCM may be the broker for you. This broker is one of the largest brokers online today and has developed a reputation for trustworthy and reliable trading. Their trading platform is very stable, and their processes and customer service are well above average. For this reason, FXCM is one of the top forex brokers online.

Top Forex Brokers: Forex.com

Long one of the top forex brokers in business today, Forex.com has one of the most powerful and capable platforms around – the FOREXTrader Pro platform. You also have access to MetaTrader 4 and eSignals, which are two top-tier online forex charting tools. The mobile trading applications also help make this one of the top forex brokers around in terms of sheer capability.

Top Forex Brokers: Markets.com

One factor used to compare forex brokers is the amount of information that you receive in order to trade. Markets.com has a wealth of resources for you to use when it comes to gleaning valuable nuggets of info and data from a variety of news sources. Markets.com offers daily briefings, technical analysis, live market updates, and a variety of trading signals – as well as a pretty handy economic calendar – for your forex trading needs. With Markets.com, we trust you’ll have the knowledge you need.

Top Forex Brokers: CMSFX

Another factor used to compare forex brokers is to look at the spreads that are a part of what the broker offers. A spread is the difference between the Bid (the price you sell a currency) and the Ask (the price you purchase a currency). Brokers use spreads to make money, and the lowest spreads can save you cash. CSMFX has some of the lowest spreads around, some as low as 0.9 pips on currencies like EUR/USD and USD/JPY. That is pretty remarkable, and something that could help you better compare forex brokers.

Top Forex Brokers: Easy-Forex

Another one of the top forex brokers today is Easy-Forex. One factor we use to compare forex brokers is ease of use. This factor is more important for beginners who want to learn the trade, but even some advanced traders will benefit from it. Easy-Forex is one of the easiest top forex brokers to use, with a very simple and intuitive trading platform that can do what you want efficiently and quickly.

The top forex brokers listed above are all good choices for different reasons. Use those factors to help you compare forex brokers on this list with others out there to find the best fit for your needs. Other factors that may help you compare forex brokers include commissions, regulation, and asset availability. The above, though, should help you on your way to compare forex brokers for the perfect fit.

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