Looking for an Online Forex Broker? Consider These Online Broker Reviews

If you want to invest your money online, consider forex – one of the fastest growing and most exciting fields in the investment industry today. Finding a forex broker is easy, too; all you have to do is find online broker reviews and forex brokers reviews that show you what various brokers have to offer new forex traders such as yourself.

Here, we will give you forex brokers reviews that will give you an insight into each particular broker and what they can do for you. These online broker reviews will not give you all the details, but will get you started on your way to one day creating your own forex brokers reviews as a result of the experience you will eventually receive.

Forex Brokers Reviews: FXCM

Many online broker reviews have been written about FXCM, one of the largest players in the forex market today. FXCM has capable forex trading software for beginners and advanced traders alike, including their Trading Station II platform and automated trading platform. Many online broker reviews also point to FXCM’s no-dealing desk execution as a way to avoid brokers who scalp spreads to make money. All in all, FXCM seems to be a reliable and popular choice for many traders who back up the site with mostly positive forex brokers reviews.

Forex Brokers Reviews: Markets.com

Our online broker reviews on Markets.com have praised the website’s surplus of available financial information, and this one is no different. Markets.com continues to provide plenty of up-to-date data and information on trading so you can have the knowledge you need to make a decision. Their research team is particularly useful, a point that continues to be brought up in online broker reviews for this website. You can also open up a practice account, which further increases the amount of learning that this website brings to the table.

Forex Brokers Reviews: Plus500

Finally, the last broker we will provide online broker reviews for here is Plus500. Plus500 is one of the newer online brokers out there for forex, and while it is not as established as other, larger companies, it does have its benefits. One of the benefits we see praised a lot in forex brokers reviews is their free, no-deposit bonus. This is usually around 20 euros, but that is free money as far as we are concerned. They also offer a pretty robust demo account that can help you learn the software and the business quickly. Additionally, Plus500 does not charge commissions but makes money off of fixed spreads, which are 2 pips for EUR/USD.

Most online broker reviews and forex broker reviews we found for these brokers are positive. Of course, you will inevitably have negative forex broker reviews for just about any broker, since not everyone can be pleased. The trick is to find websites that have more positive online broker reviews than other websites, since that will give you a good idea of how the market views them. Keep looking for forex broker reviews so you can find the perfect fit for your trading career.

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