Is Forex trading Better then Stocks?

Forex trading offers many advantages over the traditional stock market. I have already mentioned that forex trading offers the benefit of not having to pay commissions to a broker which prevents you from building up huge fee amounts. You can trade all day with the forex market because it operates 24 hours a day, and the market is much bigger then what the stock exchange is meaning there is always a buyer and a seller for whatever currency you want. In the rest of this article I am going to finish explaining the benefits and then you can determine if this kind of investment is right for you.

The uncertainty of stocks versus forex

Stocks are highly erratic things. They can move up and down at the drop of a whim, this is even truer if you have ever tried what is referred to as day trading. Day traders know first hand just how erratic the markets are. It is very hard to follow trends with the stock market because there is so much supposed insider information out there. With forex the market tends to follow trends more consistently.
You don’t have to be so concerned about an erratic market. Most of the information is advertised to everyone at the same time so there is no supposed insider information when it comes to forex. You can build your whole strategy based on these trends.

There is much more leverage with forex

With forex trading you have a lot more leverage then what you would have if you were trading the regular stock market. With forex trading you have a leverage of about 100-1 where with stock trading your leverage is only about 2-1. This means you are able to control much more with less then what you could with stocks. To make this easier to understand just imagine that 1.00 can buy you 100.00 of whatever currency versus the same dollar being able to buy you only 2.00 of the same thing. Which one would you choose?

Operating costs

With the stock market you have to have a couple thousand dollars minimum to get involved. While some people may have the money to play with at this level others are not willing to take the risk. With forex trading you can open up different levels of accounts as low as 250.00. The lowest level is referred to as a micro account or a mini account, the higher level is referred to as a standard account. You can take money you can afford to lose to begin the learning curve.

As you can see there is much more advantage with trading forex then there is with stock market. You can get started with very little utilizing any one of the three different account levels. You can have more leverage with your money, and you can follow certain trends that have been proven over time to be consistent. So consider forex trading over trading traditional stocks if you want to take advantage of these benefits.

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