Forex Software Robots Versus Humans

The Forex marketplace has exploded in popularity last years and it came with a question “Who wins between a Forex Software Robot and a human day trader?” and the answer to this age old mystery is it is not even close. Throughout this article I will go through the main reasons why the Forex Software Robots will come out on top every time versus their poor human combatant.

1. The human condition – The problem with us humans is we have a number of characteristics that give the Forex Software Robots a huge edge when it comes to competing on the Forex marketplace. Simple little things like the need to sleep, the need to interact with other humans and the need to eat are the first few that quickly jump to mind. Your Forex Software Robot can run twenty four hours a day seven days a week without having to worry about filling its stomach or getting some face time or the wasteful activity known as sleep.

2. Emotion – To compete on the Forex marketplace you need to use that side of your brain that just focuses on logic and stays the heck away from the emotional feelings that are great in a relationship but suck on the Forex marketplace. The Forex Software Robots are programmed to focus just on the numbers and trends in order to make you money where as us humans can be swayed way to quickly with a sudden surge of adrenaline or out of fear knowing that if our next few trades are not successful we will be eating Spam for the week. Emotion is a seven letter bad word in the Forex marketplace.

3. Consistency – Blame it all on ADHD or watching too much Sesame Street when we were kids but the average human has an attention span that is not conducive to competing on the Forex marketplace. The only way to make real money by trading Forex is by being consistent at all times for a day that you are “Off” can cost you dearly. The Forex Software Robots does one thing and it does it very well which is to focus on the numbers to make the same consistent right decisions time after time.

All of the people on the edge of society have been telling us for years that one day robots are going to run the planet and when it comes to the Forex marketplace they are probably right. Us poor humans are great at a lot of things but when you throw in a five second attention span, emotions that screw everything up and the desire to eat and sleep in the end the Forex Software Robots are going to keep on winning and keep pulling in consistent profits. It is time to throw in the towel.

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