Forex Robot Review – Forex Megadroid

by Vlastula

For most human traders, the Forex market is like one huge guessing game in which one has to decide what currency goes up or down against another. There are seemingly unlimited possibilities and it is difficult to make a living out of this. Over tome, Forex Robots have been developed to assist traders, hence this Forex Megadroid review. Forex Megadroid uses data collected over a number of years to make this financial decision. Since it is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), it will not lose its head during a rough patch and make bad decisions. Instead, it waits until it sees an opening that correlates with the data programmed into it. When it sees a matching pattern it will strike, hopefully making the trader a decent profit.

The Forex Megadroid uses a complex algorithm called Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis which helps the machine to make accurate choices in the Forex market. This robot is easy to set up and use which is a great thing for people unfamiliar with either the market or the technology. The customer service team helps you set up the program if you cant do it yourself. Once you have successfully installed the robot, it will start trading all by itself once you have set up an account with a broker. There is a 60 day money back guarantee so there isnt a problem if you would want to try. The company claims that the Forex Megadroid can predict correct currency changes with an accuracy of over 95%. However, these tests have not been conducted on the live market. So it is very difficult to say that the figure is entirely accurate.

The great thing about this robot is that instead of taking the same trades continuously, if one trade is a loser the robot will learn. It will then check as to why that trade was a loser and use that valuable information for later trades. This is an incredibly valuable asset as it will mean that the robot will constantly adapt to the market.

The results from the Megadroid are quite staggering. The product is new so the results could change in the future. But as of now, the results are really good. A lot of forex robots are complete scams and dont do anything. However, the Megadroid is a real money maker. The best part is the robot was very good at limiting losses by not riding costly draw downs. A high win percentage with minimal losses is the signs of an excellent automated software which is Megadroid really is.

You should learn a little more about a program before you decide to invest your money in it. But the Forex Megadroid gives us a lot of reasons to be excited about. And it is based on AI so it wont run out of data to calibrate. It will learn and then use those patterns to give you results which in turn will result in profits and as most tests done on this robot show, the profit margins are quite substantial. It is a good investment as part of your wider online forex trading strategy.

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